Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Martha Atwell and Jim Balsam perform Mulholland songs

Martha Atwell and Jim Balsam singing songs about Wm. Mulholland, the LA Aqueduct, and Owens Valley, at the Nike missile radar station (San Vicente Mountain Park) overlooking Encino Reservoir where Mulholland Dr. turns to dirt.

Doña Nicha and Danielle Adair (?) performing songs

Doña Nicha and Danielle Adair(?) performing songs

Monday, December 10, 2012

No Strings Attached Performance

Linda Fiaga
818 484-5954

Three Performing Blackboard Project: Mulholland & Skirball Center Drive

Mulholland and Skirball Center Drive was a great place to perform, drivers and passengers applauding as they navigated the cluttered intersection (colorfully framed by massive roadwork furniture used in the epic Highway 405 project). This was my first performance in many years, but whats more is it was the first time I performed for cars.  During the hour long performance countless smiles, and applause emerged from behind glass and rolled down windows. I had a great time, I think we all needed a little applause on that brilliant Sunday afternoon.


iPhoto by Vivian Sming

TOLENTINO & FILA - hidden happenings - untitled - gifts - performance LAROADSHOW Mulholland Drive 2012

ode to dead flowers 
flowers taxidermy silver crown  blindfold  cane  mirror blood  
rope  acetate  string needles bench paper golden cat

- danceonpaper offered in stacks as anonymous gifts
- distributed along Mulhlolland Drive 


Here's a few pictures from the AwareWalk/2012. You can find more photos on The Foundation for Awarenessness facebook page along with pics of many of the other artist projects we encountered along Mulholland. (Feel free to tag yourself and add descriptions/commentary in the fb album.)

A Sunday Drive ... and what we did with it.

WELL... that was interesting!

A Sunday Drive was so realistic that we had drivers call the fire department/police and a 911 to report our horrific accident. Thanks to awesome Art Direction by Jay Hougaard, crash-victim make-up by Violet Morphine, and acting chops by Amanda Rowan and Sterling Jones, a huge firetruck and ambulance came to the rescue!... Oh, ooops! Luckily, they made us write a sign (see in Marc's hands) to post in the street informing concerned drivers that this "Is Art." Ha! Thank you Matt Daniels for a long day of shooting and also thank you to Stephen van Dyck for an excuse to get cray :) 

Marc and I had a lot of fun and are really excited to start editing the video.