Monday, December 10, 2012

A Sunday Drive ... and what we did with it.

WELL... that was interesting!

A Sunday Drive was so realistic that we had drivers call the fire department/police and a 911 to report our horrific accident. Thanks to awesome Art Direction by Jay Hougaard, crash-victim make-up by Violet Morphine, and acting chops by Amanda Rowan and Sterling Jones, a huge firetruck and ambulance came to the rescue!... Oh, ooops! Luckily, they made us write a sign (see in Marc's hands) to post in the street informing concerned drivers that this "Is Art." Ha! Thank you Matt Daniels for a long day of shooting and also thank you to Stephen van Dyck for an excuse to get cray :) 

Marc and I had a lot of fun and are really excited to start editing the video.

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