Monday, December 10, 2012

TOLENTINO & FILA - hidden happenings - untitled - gifts - performance LAROADSHOW Mulholland Drive 2012

ode to dead flowers 
flowers taxidermy silver crown  blindfold  cane  mirror blood  
rope  acetate  string needles bench paper golden cat

- danceonpaper offered in stacks as anonymous gifts
- distributed along Mulhlolland Drive 


  1. ALSO

    UNTITLED (wind) by Julie Tolentino and Stosh Fila
    16665 Mulholland Drive 12-3pm 10Dec12
    (from Tolentino EL SOBRANTE series - 2012)

  2. Well, they do and today I'm so pleased to have my cookbook included in their "Our 9 Favorite Gifts" post.